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Tailoring Your Order, Additional Extras Information

Attaching your Print Ready File

If you would like to upload your own file for us to use, please read the following information.

  • We prefer PDF files.
  • We also accept the following files: .psd, .tif, .png, .jpg, .doc, .docx, .pub, .ppt, .gif

Each order we produce is manufactured to your exact requirements, from scratch, and is unique to you. If you imagine we have blank sheets of paper at this end and we need something to print from. We need your full design (not just your logo) exactly as you require it to be printed. We will then print from this. On receipt of your order, we will email you a final proof for approval prior to printing.

Give us a call on 0345 900 1315 if you need any assistance

Technical Information

Whether you are a budding designer or seasoned professional we want your files to print like you meant them to. It can be a bit complicated setting up a file for print, especially if you have not done it before, there is a lot you need to know. Read through this guide before you start your file and it should print like a dream.

Please read through the following information to avoid problems with your order.

Artwork Resolution

In general we recommend files (including any images) to be set at 600dpi (dots per inch) to have the best chance of printing at its best. Lower resolution files may appear fuzzy, distorted or pixellated. Please bear in mind, most images found on the web are only 72dpi and are therefore unsuitable for professional printing.

Artwork Colours

Files for one colour printing must be in black ink (greyscale is also acceptable). Files for full colour printing must be CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) for colours to print accurately. Files that are sent RGB (red, green blue), Pantone, or spot colours will be automatically converted to CMYK which may cause some changes to your colours. It is also important to be aware that files converted from RGB to CMYK may alter the colour composition of the file. If your order is colour critical please send a hard copy in the post. You must also give us clear warning at the time of ordering if the order is colour critical. We will endeavour to match your colours to the best of our ability given the technical restraint of our equipment.

Ink Colour

One Colour Printing Order

Our standard printing colour is black. Greyscale is allowed. Please see the list below for more information regarding ink colours

  • BLACK (standard)- no surcharge
  • REFLEX BLUE (Pantone Reflex Blue) £5.00 surcharge
  • DUTCH FIREBALL RED (Pantone 185)£5.00 surcharge
  • IVY MINT GREEN (Pantone 347)£5.00 surcharge
  • ANY OTHER INK COLOUR + £20.00 surcharge- choose whichever ink colour you require. Please add the colour you require in the special instructions box at checkout.

Full Colour Printing

We use digital technology for the majority of our full colour orders. This means we are unable to offer metallic and day-glow ink when printing in full colour. If your order is colour specific, please request a hard copy proof for approval prior to printing.

For NCR printing in full colour – please note our prices are for printing the face side (front) of the top sheet only in full colour. All other printing and sheets will be in black ink.

Consecutive Numbering

  • We charge £11.00 for consecutive numbering
  • Numbering is consecutive (for example 0001, 0002, 0003 etc.)
  • We number in black ink in one position as standard
  • We can start from a number of your choice – please put the number you wish for the numbering to start from in the box provided


Technical Information

Please note that numbering is consecutive (eg. If you order 500 NCR sets and require numbering, we will start from a number of your choosing, say, 5001 and the numbers will continue 5002, 5003 etc. all the way up to 5500.
Please note: Numbering is done using a separate process after the order is printed. The numbering machine stamps the number onto the top sheet of the NCR set. The NCR process automatically transfers the number to the consecutive sheets in the set below. (This is also known as crash numbering in the trade).

  • The height of the numbers is 5mm.
  • The maximum amount of number allowed is 7 digits.
  • If you are supplying an artwork file for us to use, please leave an area for us to drop the number into. We recommend an area of at least 3cm wide by 1cm high.

Loose/Fixed Writing Shields

  • We can add loose writing shields to your NCR pads or NCR books order.
  • The charge for loose writing shields is £0.50
  • We can add a fixed writing guard to your NCR pads or NCR books.
  • The charge for fixed writing shields is £5.00.

Why do I need a writing shield?

When you write on NCR paper, an impression is made on sets below. You need a piece of card to stop the impression transferring to sets below the current set you are using.

What is a fixed writing shield?

A fixed writing guard is a piece of card which is attached to the grey board backing card of an NCR pad or NCR book. The card flips over and should be placed under the current set to stop impressions transferring to sets below. As standard we use a 240gm. cream card for all writing shields.

Hole Punching

We can hole punch your NCR printing order. We do not charge for this feature and it can either hole punch 2 holes (Available for all sizes) or 4 holes (A4 and A3 size only)